Listen to this podcast by Adam Bader on “This is Product Management” with Anuraag Verma. For me, this is one of the best among the others in the series so far. I like the way how Adam relates Product Managers as Problem Managers and how he talks about the importance of psychology in solving real problems over the perceived ones and to what extent you should be using that privilege. I like his empathy towards users.

If you don’t have time, listen to the last 10 min of the audio at least starting at 29:00s. He talks about why so many products fail and physiologically how big companies are hacking and exploiting (to the roof) natural human behavior to their own advantage.

I am glad, Adam Bader brought this is up in the end. Technology needs to focus on real-world problems such as Transportation, Sustainable development, Climate Change, Healthcare, Poverty, etc. Too much focus on smartphones, connecting people digitally, building apps that do not solve problems must stop. He talks about Space Tourism. Personally, I do not think, space tourism is the world’s current problem. It is more of a want for riches than a need.

Podcast Link is here:

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