Why Roger Federer’s Retirement is unlike others?

Why Roger Federer’s Retirement is unlike others?

Understanding the legacy of Roger Federer

I was not a huge fan of Tennis until I got to know this legend of legends in Tennis, Roger Federer, back in 2006. For me, Tennis was just another sport that was nothing exciting to watch. After I started watching Roger Federer, my perception of sport suddenly changed, and it has become one of my favourite sports now. Today, seeing him leaving the court where he reigned for almost two decades is not something everyone can digest easily. Tears have meaning and speak his legacy for the next generation.

Well, what is so special about Roger’s retirement? You might think he is just another sportsman saying Good Bye. But that’s not true with Roger Federer. Tennis is a very strenuous and highly technical game in that you must understand the dynamics of the ball and surface and execute shots timing perfectly. Roger Federer was one among those who mastered this sport and landed the balls at his will, not just once but repeatedly. If you place a pop on your head and ask Roger to hit the pop from the other side of the net, he has the talent to smash that pop in just one shot. That’s his specialty. We miss him on the court today.

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