Another weather app built as part of my experimentation with Modern JavaScript, API calls through a back-end script written in PHP which is being used as a middleware. This project taught me a lot of things in terms of how to manage sensitive data such as API keys with the help of back-end scripts that can relay the data received from an API call. For weather data, I have used Accuweather API. One of the challenges I faced was managing number of API calls with free account. The App makes API calls to Accuweather cautiously to maintain low call volume.


  1. Select the city of your choice in the world
  2. It displays:
    1. Current Weather Conditions
    2. Hourly Weather Conditions
    3. Daily Temperatures (min and max) in a graph
  3. You can edit the city

I have kept the source code for you to experiment further at GitHub. Here’s the link to check it out.